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From Muswell Hill (2008)
ink on paper, 300cm x 85cm




From Maple House (2008)
ink on paper, 300cm x 80cm

Looking West From Centrepoint (2007) Published in May 2008 edition of Creative Review magazine
ink on paper, 300cm x 110cm


East from Centrepoint Overcast (2007)
compressed charcoal on paper, 200cm x 130cm (approx.)

Spider Roof Top East from Centrepoint (2007)
compressed charcoal on paper, 110cm x 100cm (approx.)


Tottenham Court Road from Centrepoint 2 (2007)
charcoal on paper, 100cm x 150cm (approx.)


pencil on paper, 130cm x 86cm (approx.)

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